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Printers are needed to print out important documents as a hardcopy. Lots of printers brand are there is the market which is working from past many years. But today we are not going to cover all of them. Today we are specifically going to cover only Epson which a Japanese company. Epson is the world’s largest company which sell printer, scanner, and other printer related parts. Epson products can be found in more than 180 countries around the globe.

In our United Kingdom also Epson products are sold on a large scale. Sometimes people face some technical issues in their Epson printer which stops their work. For those issues, the Epson Repairs team is here. To get any customer related help for your Epson printer you can dial our number. This is a tollfree number which works in the whole of the United Kingdom. Lots of people face problems while using a printer. Problems like drivers not found, Printer is not connected to the computer is very common and irritating. But these are easy to resolve and just a phone call away from you if you dial our number.

Top Epson printer in the UK

If you are looking to buy the Epson printer then should watch this list. It has different printer arranged according to their specification and needs:-

  1. Expression Photo HD XP-15000: £ 259.99, Excellent photo quality, Uses Claria inks, Small and light, Running cost is high, slow printing speed.
  2. WorkForce Pro WF-4720: £ 113, support USB, Wi-Fi connectivity, high-speed printing, suitable for small office or home.
  3. EcoTank ET-3750: £ 347.99, low running cost, Wi-Fi connectivity, need less maintenance, high cost, suitable for offices only.
  4. Expression Home XP-5105: £ 69.99, good printing speed, best printing quality, support USB, Wi-Fi connectivity, expensive ink, suitable for the home only.
  5. WorkForce Pro WF-4720DWF: £ 190, high printing speed, good printing quality for images and graphics, less running cost, high ink price, suitable for home and office.
  6. WorkForce Pro WF-4630: £ 119.91, Fast printing and scanning speed, Cloud-connected to drives, Wi-Fi connectivity, less printing cost, can do fax also, Loud, Odd design

As we cant use the basic Home printer in office space as they can print that much high quantity of papers. And also we can use office printer at home where we have to print occasionally as it will only increase the running cost for you. So select a printer according to your need. For occasional usage buy a Home printer and for daily heavy usage go for an Office printer. If you select an office printer for a home purpose then as seen in some cases the Ink got dried up of printers. Chose wisely before purchasing printer.

Epson repair service center

Many times our printer has some minor software problems and we got panicked because our important work got struck. Today’s printers are the multifunction printer, they can print, scan and can also photocopy any documents which increase their functionality but also makes it the little complex. By adding these functions more complicated parts are attached to the printer and new buttons are available now. Customers like the senior citizen, children or people who are not into technology get troubled because of this.

There are some error codes also which Epson printer shows when it face specific types of errors. Some of them are explained below:-

  • I-01 = Out of paper or multi-page get stuck together.
  • W-01 = One of printer part service life if completed
  • W-02 = paper in machine got jammed.
  • W-04 = cartridges cover is opened.
  • W-10 = Ink cartridges are either empty or not installed properly.
  • W-12 = Ink cartridges cant be recognised.
  • I-50 = while scanning document is not placed properly.
  • E-02 = Restart Epson Printer.
  • Win32 = Error due to software update in windows

Epson printer repair near me

Above are the some common Epson problems with their short definitions. These are explained here for the convenience of our customers. If you think there is some problem with your printer than its an advice for you to contact customer care before doing anything. Any attempt to solve the technical issue by the inexperienced person can damage the device more.

So keep those technical issues for us. We will resolve them for you. Just dial us or email us.

Disclaimer: is a Third Party Technical Service provider giving solutions for the issues arising in your printer in the United Kingdom. We are providing a solution for printers for a fee. We don't provide any kind of free service. We use the brand name on this website but we don't have any relation with them. The number used on this website do not belongs to us. In case anything wrong happens with you we will not be liable for any legal actions as we are just mediators.

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